Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Spring PE Tees (Inspired by the 80's/MTV/Miami)

$20 Per Shirt. Sizes S-XL
(Soft Cotton. Vinyl Print.)

Model: @luvjeaux

Soft Cotton. Vinyl Print.

Akira inspired "Partial" Short Film Series Logo T Shirts. Original PE Logo on Back of Shirt. (Holographic Teal, Soft Cotton Gold, White Upgraded Print, Prototype White Original)

(Philly Edition) Holographic Gold Grey Tees. Sizes S- XL $25
(Pre-Washed Cotton. Vinyl.)

(QXT Feature Night Show Edition) Holographic Teal Tees. Sizes S- XL $20
(Cotton. Vinyl Print.)

New Limited Edition High-End Quality Gold Tees. Sizes S - XXL $25
(Soft Cotton. Vinyl Print.)
Sold Out

Higher Quality Prints. White Tees. Sizes S-XXL $20
(Cotton. Vinyl Print.)
Sold Out

Prototype White Tees - Free Sold Out For Good

PE was born from the education system, having a multidimensional taste in art/music, having an intense way of processing information/observations, being from Newark, NJ, having strong emotions, going through different types of struggle, and using that struggle as relentless motivation. This is how @bc2tone was born. This is how PE was born. #partiallyeffective 

The PE Production Team does have a few official members who provide services as well as frequent collaborators, but PE is also everyone who has rocked with me. Whether you have paid for one of our services, collaborated with us, or even just showed genuine love. PE has original films on the way, podcast interviews, songs, instrumentals, artwork, and photography. PE has given a great number of artists photos and videos at no cost just for rocking with who we rock with because it is love before anything. For those who know me, you know that I am down to make whatever you need happen, whether it be for business, the art, or both. I am invested in this art and media life. I am invested in this entrepreneurship. I have invested in a team. I am invested in you. Partial represents being anything but partial. We go hard to prove the doubters wrong in a very graceful way. - @bc2tone